Vet Bill Loans

Vet Bill Loans can help if a furry family member needed emergency medical care.

Just like humans, our pets get sick sometimes or even require emergency treatment if they’ve had an accident or illness.

Vet costs are soaring in Australia. Many Australians find themselves with growing bills for taking care of their pets. They are very much a part of the family. Pet insurance and pet savings accounts are on the rise, many Australians find themselves needing to pay for treatment unexpectedly.

OZ Cash Loans has a tailored loan specifically for covering vet finance, for the times when your pets get ill and you need to cover the costs of a one-off emergency or a longer course of treatment. Our unsecured personal loans can help you ensure you have the finances in place to cover your vet costs and any additional expenses that arise from a pet’s accident or illness. Our veterinary loans are designed to help you get the finance you need as quickly as possible, to ensure your pet is back to their happy selves in no time at all.

Call OZ Cash Loans now to get started with your application and to take the first steps to securing your emergency vet finance.

OZ Cash Loans provides fast loans and flexible repayment options. Here are just a few more benefits we can offer:

Quick Online Application

The application takes approximately 5 minutes to complete and the decision is instant.

Fast approval: decisions within minutes 24/7

Once your application has been completed, we will assess your details as well as your capacity to repay. Most customers will receive a decision within minutes of completing their application.

Funds deposited same day. Once approved, we’ll deposit your funds on the same day. You can then get access to your money as soon as possible. Clearance times may vary based on who you bank with. The majority of our customers receive their funds the same business day.