Rental Bond Loan

Bond Loans assist clients on low incomes who cannot afford to pay the full rental bond to obtain accommodation in the private rental market.

In a competitive rental market, a tenant is often responsible for paying their rental bond upfront; securing their access to the property ahead of those who can’t. If you’re in a position where you aren’t able to pay for the bond, consider a rental bond loan so you don’t risk missing out on your dream property.

Oz Cash Loan offers bond loans that are a fast and simple way to cover the costs of your bond when moving into a new rental property. Borrow the amount you need for your bond up-front, and pay back comfortably with a loan repayment term that you choose.

Do you need help making the bond payment for your rental property?

Oz Cash Loans helps clients or tenants with low income by providing bond loan that are a fast and easy way to cover the cost of your bond when moving into a new rental property.

Apply online and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours in most cases and 7 days a week. Our online application lets you save your progress and can be accessed from your mobile too. Application can be completed within 10 minutes and funds will be paid within 60 minutes once approved. Our bond loans are designed to help make your life easier and get you into your new place sooner. At OZ cash loan, our cash advance loan make your life easier. Oz Cash Loans can help with a loan from $200 to $2000.

Why Choose Oz Cash Loans?

Quick Online Application

The application takes approximately 5 minutes to complete and the decision is instant.

Fast approval: decisions within minutes 24/7

Once your application has been completed, we will assess your details as well as your capacity to repay. Most customers will receive a decision within minutes of completing their application.

Funds deposited same day. Once approved, we’ll deposit your funds on the same day. This allows you to get access to your money as soon as possible. Clearance times may vary based on who you bank with but the majority of our customers receive their funds the same business day.