The Oz Cash Loans team really appreciates your feedback.

You can contact us via our Contact Us page or email us at and we will endeavour to respond to you promptly.

You can also call our Customer Care Team on 0422 339 238

Or can write to:

Complaints Officer
Oz Cash Loans
PO Box 507
Victoria 3142

Resolving complaints:

At Oz Cash Loans we want your experience to be so great that you tell all of your friends about us. That’s why if you have a complaint we will always take it very seriously and try to work it out with you.

From time to time we all make mistakes. So to help us when that happens we have put in place a transparent process to sort things out.

Our objective will be to always work things out with you. In the rare cases when we can’t, as we are a member of the Credit & Investments Ombudsman (CIO), they can independently help us come to a resolution.


    1. Make contact with our Customer Care Team either by email or phone (details above) and outline your complaint.
    2. Our Customer Care Team’s objective will be to resolve the complaint within 5 business days.
    3. Should you feel that the response you receive from the Customer Care Team is not sufficient, you can then proceed to use the Oz Cash Loans Internal Dispute Resolution (IDR) process.
    4. In the event that you’re still not satisfied with the outcome, you can refer your issue to the Credit & Investments Ombudsman (CIO), contact details below:

Credit & Investments Ombudsman

PO Box A252
South Sydney
NSW 1235
Phone: 1800 138 422