Is your car off the road? Car Emergency Loans are here to help!

We’ve all been there. Your car makes a noise it’s never made before, and you just know that the trip to the mechanic will be expensive.

For many of us a car is an absolute necessity. Without it we can’t get to work to earn a living, get the kids to school or go food shopping.

The repair costs may be higher than what you were expecting, but it’s cheaper than getting a new car and how are you supposed to keep your job if you can’t get there? A car emergency loan at Oz Cash Loans can help with that.

Particularly in emergencies, the speed with which you receive your money can be a high priority. Our simple and straightforward application process will help with that, and this means that you can get on with things as soon as possible.

Applications can be completed online within minutes and funds will be paid within 1 hour once approved (funds transfers are within standard AEST banking hours). Oz Cash Loans can help with quick cash loan up to $2000 for car faults and emergencies. Our car emergency loans are designed to help make your life easier and simple. Get a car emergency loan of up to $2000 from Oz Cash Loans. Don’t let a breakdown stop you from getting around.